• "Tech is a BOOMING industry. While I knew it was big and quickly growing, I did not realize the enormity. I have heard of businesses enjoying 140% growth in revenue from year to year or 10% growth monthly. WOW!"
  • “The experience was great and definitely would be repeated. All the people there were really kind and seemed more than happy to answer questions. The place wasn't difficult to find. (Just needed to look around for a second). I felt I had enough prior knowledge of the field understand and when I didn't they filled me in.”
  • “I got an inside look into what working at a video game studio was like, especially in the area of QA testing.”
  • “From this experience, I'll be able to make better decisions having learned about the different roles played by iOS developers, front end devs, designers, and managers.”
  • “While at Concentric Sky I gained a better understanding of the nuances that come along with design and development in the 21st-century. It was an insightful experience that held much learning and thought-provoking discussion.”
  • “From this experience I learned programming, design, and team organization via online resources. It was so great working in a company!! It was really nice to have a goal and be helping everyone towards fixing stuff. This experience has given me insight into real tech companies! I now have a base of what to expect for the future. I wish I had more time! Can I keep going forever?”
  • "I was amazed at the balance of such a fast moving industry and the relaxed culture. The business was extremely busy with multiple projects, but still managed to have a relaxed company atmosphere."
  • “From this experience, I will proudly be able to walk into future interviews and say I got to work on a real-life codebase. I have true experience in the tech industry. I can say I know how to be a team-player and that I've been able to work with others, take advice and continue to grow as an individual. Also, I have heard on many a circumstance, that I would be offered a job later when the company can afford another employee. For the first time since I began high school I have no concerns about the future.”
  • "This experience keeps me thinking about what I really need to help prepare my students for. My focus will be more on real experiences and project learning and less focus on standard assessments."
  • “From this experience, I have learned more about JavaScript and I'm going to continue learning more about it because my JavaScript skills aren't perfect. I also learned that everybody has an opinion and that they all count. I loved every bit of it—it was awesome.”
  • "I was welcomed warmly and allowed to touch "actual" code for the site. I even helped fix a listing that would not have been complete if it had not been for my working on a different bug."